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Bertrand Windows

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The Bertrand Brothers have been manufacturing windows and doors since 1969. In that time we have satisfied thousands of customers in Poland, Europe and worldwide. Bertrand is a World renowned manufacturer of windows, doors and curtain walls. 

We are very proud to have earned the respect of investors in a variety of sectors: residential, commercial, historical restoration, and even the most demanding field of passive and energy efficient architecture. 

Continuous investment in research and development means we can use the most up to date technology to create beautiful windows. Being one of the few manufacturers in Poland to have successfully introduced modern solutions into the market, makes us a pioneer of innovation and development within this sector. The quality, safety and comfort of our products are confirmed by our numerous prestigious awards and certificates.

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We are known for providing high quality window and doors throughout New Zealand at prices more affordable than you might realise. Get in touch to discuss your plans and we can help bring your views to life.

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Comprehensive options for every build

So you don’t waste any of your precious time. You can choose from a wide range of materials: PVC systems, variety of timbers ranging from traditional pine to exotic species from around the world, aluminum systems as well as composite systems of PVC-aluminum and timber-aluminum. To complement our range of windows and doors you can choose from a vast spectrum of accessories e.g. roller-shutters, venetian blinds, insect screens, shutters, garage doors or even marquises or full glass constructions. We also offer numerous modern control systems e.g. radio, internet or biometrics.

The Range

Our partners in Poland, Bertrand, offer abroad range of products from economical uPVC through to certified passive timber and aluminium combinations. There is a huge range of colours, textures and finishes available. For further information follow the links to the website here.

Why buy from Europe?

Building energy efficiently has been part ofthe European building culture for decades. It is not a trend, it is an established method.

Higher population density and restrictions on heating methods has encouraged countries such as Germany, Italy and Poland to look for solutions that involve excellent engineering and material choice along with styling that is modern and elegant. 

The manufacturing culture also means they are able to produce excellent products with a minimum cost. High numbers and efficient computer driven systems mean quantities of windows can reach the market in perfect shape. However, attention to detail is important and all windows are hand finished and delivered with the utmost care.

This all means you are getting a thermally broken window that is designed to sit centrally in the thermal envelope, that is manufactured to international standards at a price that is extremely competitive